How a Project Works

How a Project Works

Cole Brother is here to assist you in making your living space visions a reality. In order to make your project as smooth as possible, here are some tips on preparing:

Normally a customer will fax over a drawing of their kitchen, vanity, fireplace, etc. along with measurements (the more detail the better) so that we can work up a price based on a midrange material and a standard edge. Once the customer receives pricing an appointment can be set for them to visit our shop and view from our large selection of natural stone materials.

Once a material and edge profile are selected the price will be revised (if necessary). Once the customer verifies the pricing a date for templating can be set. The template date normally is a week off from the day of price verification, but it can also be set weeks or months in advance to ensure a day and allow for the fastest turn around time.

From the day of templating there is normally a two to three week wait for installation. Turn around time varies greatly throughout the year and depends on the influx of business.

However, Cole Brothers works to ensure that there is normally never more than a three week wait on the majority of orders and kitchens.

Attention: The sink, faucet, cook top or stove all need to be on site the day of templating. The sink, faucet, and drop in cook top will be taken back to the shop for lay out and to allow for the highest level of accuracy for all cut outs and holes drilled.

A fifty percent deposit is required on the day of templating with the final sum due on the day of installation. Fifty percent deposits are also required for all other projects (sills etc.) as well as to hold or special order materials.


Pricing is highly variable depending on the stone selected and the scope of the project. Please touch base with our office to get more information.