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The Cole Brothers Difference

Customer Service

Cole Brothers staff is friendly and eager to help with your stone needs. Our customer service hours are flexible for your convenience. The office manager Cary Anne has been with Cole Brothers for over fifteen years and is extremely knowledgeable about the trade and has design experience to help you select the perfect material for your project. The manager Ben oversees all large scale projects, from the initial meeting with the client to actually being there for the template and installation. This ensures that large scale projects run smoothly and avoids the confusion that often comes from too many people being involved in a project. If there is any way we can assist or help you please let us know.


Cole Brothers is well known for its quality throughout the tristate area. Our employees are extremely competent averaging between ten and twenty years with Cole Brothers. The owner or foreman of over twenty years (Rich) is on almost every residential template and installation. Our experience and knowledge, desire to exceed expectations, and eye for detail is unparalleled in the industry.

Quality Material

Many of our materials are bought directly from the quarries or from importers along the east coast. We have one of the largest stocks in New Jersey and we are constantly adding to our stock in order to provide our customers with the most options possible. We also can special order any materials not in stock. If a material has a large amount of movement you will be invited back to our shop after templates are made so that you can go over the layout of the material and know exactly what your tops will look like before they are cut. All materials are top quality.

Top of the Line Sealer

We use a high end solvent based sealer that lasts an average of fifteen years on polished granite (harsh cleaning products can reduce the life of the sealer). Honed or textured granites tend to need to be resealed after five to ten years.


We install our jobs in as few seams as possible and when necessary, place our seams in the best and most eye pleasing place possible. This often means that we waste a larger amount of material then many of our competitors, but this makes for a more aesthetically sound and impressive job. We also use advanced technology that allows for an almost invisible seam.

Steel Rods and Reinforcement

Steel rods are placed near the majority of undermount sink and stove top cutouts to reinforce these areas. This is especially important in shore homes where there is often a large amount of settling that takes place over time. In such a scenario, a break could occur in one of these weakened areas, however, the steel rods turn what would be a major break (and problem) into a fixable minor crack, or better yet, the seam would often pop before the reinforced granite. In this case, the cabinets could be shimmed and the seam could be repaired. Without the rods, you could be looking at a major crack and the possibility of having to replace your tops.

Polishing the Undersides of All Small and Large Overhangs

Our staff polishes several inches in on the underside of your tops to provide a smooth surface. Also, any large overhangs are given a smoothed finish on their undersides to provide comfort for our clients. Our standard overhang off the face of the cabinet is two inches, the MIA standard (Marble Institute of America). The two inch overhang allows the granite tops and the knobs of the cabinet to fall in line allowing for a cleaner and overall better appearance then the one and a half inches many fabricators use.

Knuckle Crane Capabilities

Cole Brothers owns its own knuckle crane boom truck. This is especially useful in allowing us to bring in the largest possible pieces in second floor kitchens and bathrooms. No matter what floor your project is on, if the job can be done in one piece, it will be.

Fast Turnaround Times

It normally takes us about two weeks from the day of templating until the day of installation for most kitchens and sill work. When time is of the essence you can count on us.

Family Business
Cole Brothers is a family owned and operated business. We have chosen to remain small in order to provide our customers and contractors with the best possible service, craftsmanship, and personal touch you cannot find at the bigger shops. Now in our 33rd year of business, you know that we will be here for your future stone needs. Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you in the future.

How a Project Works

Cole Brother is here to assist you in making your living space visions a reality. In order to make your project as smooth as possible, here are some tips on preparing:

Normally a customer will fax over a drawing of their kitchen, vanity, fireplace, etc. along with measurements (the more detail the better) so that we can work up a price based on a midrange material and a standard edge. Once the customer receives pricing an appointment can be set for them to visit our shop and view from our large selection of natural stone materials. Once a material and edge profile are selected the price will be revised (if necessary). Once the customer verifies the pricing a date for templating can be set. The template date normally is a week off from the day of price verification, but it can also be set weeks or months in advance to ensure a day and allow for the fastest turn around time. From the day of templating there is normally a two to three week wait for installation. Turn around time varies greatly throughout the year and depends on the influx of business. However, Cole Brothers works to ensure that there is normally never more than a three week wait on the majority of orders and kitchens.

Attention: The sink, faucet, cook top or stove all need to be on site the day of templating. The sink, faucet, and drop in cook top will be taken back to the shop for lay out and to allow for the highest level of accuracy for all cut outs and holes drilled. A fifty percent deposit is required on the day of templating with the final sum due on the day of installation. Fifty percent deposits are also required for all other projects (sills etc.) as well as to hold or special order materials.


The price of marbles, granites, and limestones vary greatly depending on the stone selected. There are a large variety of edge profiles and finishes that can be done to the face of the stone that also greatly effect the price. Please visit our shop or call for more information.